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AMPHO was established in 2006 to provide leadership, advocacy, and policy development for the local public health system. Our members represent a diverse network of public health professionals who serve communities small and large across Montana.


We actively represent the local public health system at the Montana Legislature, and work collaboratively to create and improve public health policies. We work to leverage and preserve funding for public health programs and services during the legislative session and maintain critical relationships with policymakers and stakeholders during the interim.


Our members are leaders in their communities and are supported by AMPHO with professional development and training to help them guide the agencies they represent. Additionally, our members rely on one another for advice and support as they navigate important health issues in their communities.


Our staff and board are readily available to answer questions, address concerns, and provide support whenever needed.

Board of Directors

Kristi Aklestad, Chair

Hillary Hanson, Chair-Elect

Matt Kelley, Past Chair

Karen Sullivan, Treasurer
Butte Silver-Bow

Melissa Moyer, Secretary

Sue Hansen, Small Caucus Co-Chair

Judy LaPan, Medium Caucus Co-Chair

Ellen Leahy, Large Caucus Co-Chair


Frontier, Small, Medium, and Large Caucus Co-Chairs


Erin has been the Executive Director for AMPHO since 2008. Her background is in political science and she specializes in management and government relations for health, local government, and law enforcement.

Erin McGowan

AMPHO Executive Director

Jane Smilie has worked in public health at both the state and local levels for many years. She has worked at AMPHO since October of 2016.

Jane Smilie

MPH, Consultant